Click on Posts,  the tab right after Schedules. In the box right under the “Write Post” -Write the post you desire and tag the people you are writing the post to. Tagging the client, means, You are reminding the one receiving the post which client you are talking about.


Why Fanaka ?

Normal operations of businesses are very tiring and time consuming. From making inquiries, following up and converting the inquiries into business can be very time consuming. A lot of business juggles these processes manually, through opening word documents to create invoices, printing invoice books, quotations and receipt books. Consolidating all these paperwork into files and… Read More


Sales Automation

The sales process  of your business is the part of your business that is responsible for finding clients, making sales, and generating revenue. This is the part of your business that generates revenue for your Business. Our solutions will help your business accomplish the following goals in sales and Marketing. Generating new business Sales quotations Converting… Read More


Online Accounting

Our Solution will help your team to work on your business financials, Collaborate with your accountants, bookkeeper and requisite cash and to plan for billing schedules. Our solutions will help your business Accomplish the following goals in Accounts. Monitoring your Billing Register Creating your Billing Schedules Generating invoices Manage your Receipting


Projects Management

Fanaka projects  portal will assist you in project planning so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done.  The portal will keeps you completely up to date with the progress of your Projects. Our solutions will help your business Accomplish the following goals in Projects. Managing Tasks Managing your key Milestones visualizing your… Read More